Annual Meetings

NANOGrav holds twice-annual collaboration-wide meetings in the Spring and Fall of each year (usually in March/April and October/November). These meetings are held in-person at a host institution which rotates geographically in order to ensure ease-of-attendance for all attendees. During meetings, several sessions will take place including invited keynotes, updates from Working Groups, talks by collaboration members, and interactive workshops. These meetings area open to the public, though some sessions may be limited to NANOGrav members only due to the subject matter.

The collaboration also regularly attends annual meetings of the greater astronomical community, including American Astronomical Society. If we are in attendance, please make sure to drop by our booth or any of the talks by our members to enage with NANOGrav.

Note: All in-person meetings will be instead held virtually until the safety guidelines regarding COVID-19 allow such gatherings. To find out more information, please see the CDC guidelines located here.

Community Engagements & Public Events

NANOGrav believes that truly transformative science needs to reach all people. As such, our members frequently present their science to both the general public and the greater astronomical community. Many of our talks are recorded and posted for the public to view at any time (see our list of previous engagements here and our YouTube channel). All future scheduled events will be listed on this page. If you'd like to invite a member of NANOGrav to speak at your institution, simply reach out to the individual or our Space Public Outreach Team.

Regular Telecons

NANOGrav's various Working Groups incorperate members from across our partnered institutions. To facilitate our collaborative science, Working Groups have regularly scheduled virtual telecons. You can find the current schedule on our Google calendar. Currently, all telecons are hosted through Zoom and can be joined via their associated invite link. Should you have any issue finding this link, contact the Chair of the Working Group in question (a list can be found here). All members are encouraged to join these telecons if they are interested in the work being developed within the Group and/or wish to contribute.

Upcoming Meetings

Upcoming Events

There are currently no scheduled upcoming events. Please check back later as this list will be automatically updated!