Advisory Board

To assist us as we move toward the detection of low-frequency gravitational waves we have enlisted a diverse advisory board. Their invaluable input will insure that we meet our goals and fulfill expectations.

Richard Price - Chair
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is a theoretical astrophysicist specializing in general relativity.
Laura Cadonati
Georgia Tech, is an expert in Gravitational Waves and particle astro-physics.
Michelle Larson
Alder Planetarium, is the planetarium's President and CEO as well as an accomplished astrophysicist with a passion for science education.
Mark McKinnon
National Radio Astronomy Observatory, is the Assistant Director for New Mexico operations and former ALMA Project Manager, and is an expert in the organization of large radio astronomy projects.
Feryal Özel
University of Arizona, is an astrophysicist specializing in the physics of compact objects and high energy astrophysical phenomena.
Christopher Plein
West Virginia University, is the Assistant Dean of the School of Applied Social Sciences and Chair of the Division of Public Administration at WVU and an expert on community organization and project management.