The workshop will be held in the Pfenning Alumni Center on the campus of Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania. The standard on-line maps don't seem to know the building name, but you can get to the location by searching for "Hamilton St & Parsons St, Easton, PA." There is parking nearby.

Campus maps are available at Campus is less than a mile from downtown Easton, and about 140 feet higher in elevation (i.e., an uphill walk or drive).

Easton is about 60 miles west of New York City and 60 miles north of Philadelphia. There is good bus service to New York City, but otherwise public transportation is limited. More transportation details are given below.

Hotel Info

We have room blocks on the Eastonian, the Holiday Inn Express, and the Towneplace by Marriott for the nights of Nov. 7-10 (checking out on 11/11). The Hampton Inn doesn't have a block, but instead has a special rate for all Lafayette visitors. The Lafayette Inn also does not have a block because it is only available the nights of Oct 7-8, but I've included it in case there are people who are only staying for the first couple days.

Note that most hotels are several miles away, so you may want to consider a rental car (see notes on transportation below). There is one other hotel a mile from campus, a Days Inn, but it is not recommended. You may see other hotels in downtown Easton on online maps, but those are very strongly not recommended.

The recommended hotels are listed here in order of distance from the conference location. The distance to the college, and the last date for the special rate, are in parentheses.

  • Lafayette Inn (2 blocks off campus)
    (610) 253-4500

    The inn has 18 rooms total and is only available the nights of Oct 7 and 8. But it may be a good choice if you are only attending the first 1-2 days of the meeting. There are a variety of different room styles to choose from.

  • Grand Eastonian Hotel & Suites (1.0 mi including a steep uphill, *Oct 20*)
    (610) 258-6350

    10 rooms in the block, with 1 bed per room, at $129/night. Ask for the "NANOGrav at Lafayette" special rate. The special rate ends on *Oct 20*, so book on or before that date. (If you book after Oct 20, then ask for the Lafayette College special rate. You may need to talk to George to get that rate.)

  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites Easton (3.5 mi, *Oct 20*)
    (610) 923-9495

    20 rooms in the block, with either king or queen beds, with a special rate of $129 or $139 per night depending on bed size. As for the "NANOGrav at Lafayette" special rate. There are 2 beds per room, so sharing is an option. The special rate will end on *Oct 20*, so book on or before that date.

  • Hampton Inn Easton (5 mi, *~Oct 23*)
    (610) 250-6500

    We do not have a block on this hotel. Ask for the "Lafayette College" special rate of $139/night (a special rate for all Lafayette College visitors). There is not a cut-off date, but they recommend making your reservation *2 weeks in advance at the latest* to ensure there will be rooms available. All rooms have microwaves and mini-fridges.

  • Towneplace Suites by Marriott Easton/Bethlehem (7 mi, *Oct 18*)
    (610) 829-2000

    20 rooms in the block, 10 with one bed, 10 with two beds, with a special rate of $105/night. Ask for the "NANOGrav at Lafayette" special rate; the rate expires on *Oct 18. (*After Oct 18, you can ask for the special rate for Lafayette visitors, also $105/night. You may need to speak with Becky in order to get this rate.)

  • Guesthouse Easton (Airbnb; ~8 mi)

    This guest house has 4 rooms for up to 8 guests. We include it here just in case there is a group that would like to stay there. We have not pre-reserved this guest house or put a block on it. (Be sure to check that your institution can reimburse you for Airbnb stays.)

Travel Info

Ride Share Information

Google Spreadsheet

Tab 1 on the spreadsheet is for ride sharing between airports and hotels, and tab 2 for between hotels and the meeting.


Use on-line maps to get driving directions to the Lafayette campus. Park in the Markle Parking Deck. Google maps knows where it is. Signs nearby point to Admissions and Visitor Parking. It is a very short walk from the meeting venue in the Pfenning Alumni Center.

Parking is free and no permit is needed. In case you cannot find a parking space in Markle Deck, park instead in Sullivan Deck, which is a bit further away (but still only a 5-minute walk). There is a chance you will get a ticket in Sullivan Deck; if you do, give the ticket to David Nice or Megan DeCesar and we will have it waived.


The closest airport is Allentown ("Lehigh Valley International Airport"), about a 20 minute drive from campus. It has a limited number of flights, mostly to major hubs (Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, etc.). If you have to make a connection anyway, and the schedule works, it is the easiest choice. The easiest way from the airport to hotel/campus is via rental car, although Taxi/Uber is also an option.

The next-closest airport is Newark, about an hour away. Newark is a hub for United and has many flights worldwide. The easiest way from Newark to hotel/campus is via rental car, although there is also a bus service with about eight buses/day between Newark airport and downtown Easton.

Philadelphia is about 1.5 hours away and may be an option if flight schedules are more convenient or flights happen to be cheaper. Philadelphia is a hub for American. The only practical way from Philadelphia International Airport to hotel/campus is via rental car.


Trans-Bridge Lines ( runs about 20 buses a day between New York City (Port Authority Bus Terminal) and downtown Easton. There are buses throughout the day, but the schedule is heaviest during hours appropriate for people commuting to New York City. It is ~1.5 hr one way depending on the time of day. On their website, look for schedules "to NYC PABT" and "from NYC PABT." They also run limited service between Newark airport and Easton. The Trans-Bridge Lines stop in Easton is downtown, a few blocks from the Grand Eastonian Hotel, and about 1 mile from campus (uphill).

There is very limited bus service to/from Easton by other providers (e.g., Greyhound).

There is no rail service to Easton. The easiest way to connect to Amtrak is to take the bus to/from New York (~1.5 hr) and walk/subway between the Port Authority Bus Terminal and Penn Station.

Transportation between hotels and the meeting

If you are flying, you may want to consider renting a car, as most of the hotels are several miles from campus. We will make a ride-share spreadsheet to make sure that those not renting cars can get a ride. Depending on the number of cars, we may arrange for a shuttle between hotels and campus on the meeting days.