Miguel Holgado

Departure Date:
Return Date:
Local Institution:
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Local Advisor:
Paul M. Ricker
Foreign Institution:
University of Birmingham
Foreign Advisor:
Alberto Sesana
Student Status:
  • Q. What country were you staying in?
    • United Kingdom
  • Q. Where were you doing research?
    • University of Birmingham
  • Q. How long were you there?
    • 6 weeks
  • Q. What sort of research were you doing?
    • Gravitational-Wave Astrophysics with Pulsar Timing Arrays.
  • Q. Did being abroad influence the kind of research you’re doing?
    • Yes.
  • Q. What’s the coolest thing about being abroad?
    • The coolest thing about being broad is experiencing a different culture and learning about different customs.
  • Q. What’s your favorite new phrase from the language?
    • “Cheers.”
  • Q. What’s the hardest thing about being abroad?
    • The hardest thing about being abroad is getting used to the new time zone and coordinating telecons with collaborators that are stateside.
  • Q. What did you do in your free time?
    • In my free time, I went to the university sports centre, which was newly renovated.
  • Q. What’s the coolest thing you’ve done or seen while abroad?
    • The coolest thing I’ve seen while abroad is the different styles of architecture in the UK.
  • Q. What advice would you offer others thinking of going abroad?
    • For those thinking of going abroad, I would recommend becoming familiar with various members of the department that you are going to.
  • Q. What skills have you learned abroad?
    • The skills I have learned abroad include operating UK door locks and using a skillmill.
  • Q. Is there anything you’d do differently or anything you wish you’d have known?
    • I would have packed a larger umbrella since the rainy weather in the UK was more frequent than I expected.