Tori Bonidie

Departure Date:
Return Date:
Local Institution:
Franklin & Marshall College
Local Advisor:
Fronefield Crawford
Foreign Institution:
University of East Anglia
Foreign Advisor:
Robert Ferdman
Student Status:
  • Q. What country were you staying in?
    • England
  • Q. Where were you doing research?
    • University of East Anglia
  • Q. How long were you there?
    • Ten weeks
  • Q. What sort of research were you doing?
    • I used python to create a code to fit signals from pulsar B1937+21 to a series of von mises functions, and from that I extracted information about the relative amplitudes, distance between peaks, etc.
  • Q. Did being abroad influence the kind of research you’re doing?
    • not much!
  • Q. What’s the coolest thing about being abroad?
    • I really liked how easy it was to travel to different places by train while in England. I was able to take trips to London and to the beach in less than 2 hours!
  • Q. What’s your favorite new phrase from the language?
    • “football’s coming home!” (unfortunately it didn’t)
  • Q. What’s the hardest thing about being abroad?
    • It was hard to go into a new environment without knowing anyone there at first.
  • Q. What did you do in your free time?
    • On the weekends I took trips to cities such as London, Paris, and Venice or stayed in Norwich and went to their outdoor market which had a huge variety of food, crafts, clothes and more.
  • Q. What’s the coolest thing you’ve done or seen while abroad?
    • I went on a gondola ride in Venice!
  • Q. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done or seen while abroad?
    • I fully embraced the English team spirit during the World Cup by painting my face red and white, wearing their flag as a cape, cheering them on in a pub and then mourning their loss in the streets with everyone.
  • Q. What advice would you offer others thinking of going abroad?
    • Be safe, but leave your comfort zone!
  • Q. What skills have you learned abroad?
    • I’ve learned how to confidently travel on my own and navigate through “the tube” with ease!
  • Q. Is there anything you’d do differently or anything you wish you’d have known?
    • I wish I had started traveling by myself earlier on so I could see much more of England.